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The website offers you the opportunity to purchase a selection of antique furniture, fine collectible china and porcelain, as well as works of art by renowned Dominican and foreign painters who lived in the country for some time. Here you will find china or porcelain from countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, England, etc. The pages have been designed with a simple structure for you to observe and appreciate every piece of art we have available. We have divided the site into five (5) main sections.

The first section includes all the artworks, whether they are oil paintings, watercolors, gouaches, pastels, charcoals, acrylic or mixed media from artists that lived in Santo Domingo city during the times of the Second World War as refuges and/or exiles around the years of 1940 to 1960. In the second section there are prints created by Dominican painters or from those foreign artists who emigrated from Europe and have lived in the this country between the years 1940 to 1960.

They include several etchings, lithographs, prints from antique books and other prints from old periodical publications. The third section is dedicated to collectible items like stamps, leaflets and booklets, posters and maps. The fourth section includes fine and collectible porcelain, which has been subdivided according to the type of porcelain, that is, depending on the country of origin. Finally, the last section is for our unique antique furniture and other miscellaneous items.

En Español

Este sitio web le ofrece la oportunidad de apreciar, evaluar y comprar una selección de muebles antiguos, porcelana fina de colección, así como obras de arte de reconocidos pintores dominicanos y extranjeros que vivieron en el país durante la década de los 40s y 50s. Aquí encontrarán porcelana fabricada en países como España, Alemania, Italia, Francia, Checoslovaquia, Hungría, Austria, Inglaterra, etc.

Las páginas han sido diseñadas con una estructura simple para que usted pueda observar y valuar cualquier pieza. Hemos dividido el sitio web en cinco (5) secciones principales. La primera es para las obras de arte, ya sean estas óleos, acuarelas, gouaches, pasteles, técnica mixta o carbón. La segunda sección es para los impresos de pintores dominicanos o de aquellos pintores extranjeros que hayan vivido en el país durante la década de los años 1940-60.

La tercera contiene un listado de artículos coleccionables como sellos, folletos, mapas y carteles. La cuarta sección presenta todos los tipos de porcelana fina disponibles para la venta. La ultima sección está dedicada a los muebles antiguos de colección.