Juan Bautista Acher - Alfons Vila – Shum. His real name was Alfons Vila i Franques, but for others it was, Juan Bautista Acher, being then, presumably, in both cases, a pseudonym the other name. The only certainty is his artistic pseudonym Shum.

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Juan Bautista Acher - Alfons Vila - Shum. Su verdadero nombre era Alfons Vila i Franques, pero para otros era Juan Bautista Acher, siendo supuestamente, en ambos casos, un seudónimo el otro nombre. La única certeza es su seudónimo artístico Shum.

The Head Hunters Original section or part with 8 pages of an article and with two works from artist and caricaturist Shum. Paper...

The Head Hunters

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Calendar 1979 An original paper calendar for the year 1979 with The Bibliophile print by Shum. The paper dimension is 9 by 17 inches....

Calendar 1979

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